Who are we? What is this all about? Why did we start No Sheep Allowed?

Well… it’s pretty simple. In March of 2020, our Governor, Tom Wolf took draconian actions to shut down the whole state including the majority of small businesses that he deemed “Non-Essential” basically signing the death warrant for many small businesses and their owners.

We couldn’t stand by and let it happen so we started a small Facebook group to just bounce some ideas off of one another since our founder, Mat Simmons, was forced to shutdown all of his operating businesses until further notice. What started off as 3 individuals has turned into over 9,000 members strong. We’ve organized #TAKEBACKCONTROL rallies in both Pittsburgh, Butler and Harrisburg and have a pending lawsuit at the US Supreme court along with numerous other business owners and attorneys!

The OG shirt was originally created for the Pittsburgh rally and the demand was so large we build a whole movement and brand off of it! 

This brand represents freedom, liberty, our constitution and bill of rights and the fact that these shutdown orders by so many governors across the USA were unconstitutional and trampled on our rights. We took our freedom back and NO SHEEP ALLOWED!

-Mat Simmons